GSquared, or “G2” for short, was founded over a decade ago to blend data with visuals online. Much of the visual part included 3D graphs, animations and cutaways for education, demonstration and collaboration efforts.

With the creation of tools such as Second Life, OpenSim and others G2 has been able to combine their ASP.NET and SQL Server database technology with 3D visuals to help companies and individuals network and educate themselves and others while having some fun on the way.


We are also very involved in the community teaching regular classes for free on how to build your own free OpenSim simulator and working with the Microsoft and Non Profit virtual world communities. One of our grid owners PFH was recently awarded a $300,000 grant to use virtual worlds to mentor teens at home. We do many presentations and interviews promoting virtual worlds and the value of them to business and education.


Recent Projects:

  1. Heroes Happen Here 2008 4 simulator event for Microsoft in which G2 launched the new product line for developers in Second Life. An estimated 1/3 the cost of a “real world” event records were broken for length of stay and the event was considered a success by Microsoft.
  2. Designed and managed 2 C# Days held on Microsoft Island in Second Life.The event was considered a great success by the coordinators and the over 2 dozen new C# coders created at them.
  3. Redesigned Microsoft Island in Second Life to a vibrant educational and collaboration focused hotspot. Regular events now occur on this simulator and the group has grown from 270 members to a total group membership of well over 1000 users in about 1 year.
  4. Developed a hosting platform with over 125 sims and 10 separate grid servers. Launched our own 50 sim and growing virtual world based on a Worlds Fair concept.


Past Projects:

  1. 3D Animation for an aerospace electronics engineering facility. Client needed to explain to Lockheed Martin, Hughes, Raytheon, TRW and other engineers how a new inner spring mechanism securely held parts in place. G2 developed a 3D cutaway animation and over all presentation in Power Point which perfectly explained this new feature.
  2. G2 designed a data capture and visualization system based on HPVEE and Visual Dynamics PV Wave. This data was used for trend analysisengineering decisions and QA troubleshooting.
  3. 3D Epoxy Fill animation for TRW. To avoid a major inspection an aerospace firm contracted us to develop a 3D animation to explain to assembly workers of various languages how to properly assemble parts to avoid an air gap in the epoxy. Bryce 3D was used and the company calling for the inspection of our plant decided to cancel it seeing the companies dedication to fix the issue.

GSquared has recently spun ReactionGrid off & added Chris Hart as a developer & Co-Owner.