Exploring Jibe Worlds

Jibe uses the Unity3d web browser plugin to give visitors a very high level of 3d graphics detail. When you are creating a Jibe world, it is completely up to you how complex you make your world. The more complex you design your Jibe world (such as using very high-polygon models), the higher the computer system requirements for people who will be visiting your Jibe world.

But you don’t need a high-end computer for a great experience. If you have a relatively modern computer (either a laptop or desktop), you should be just fine. Jibe worlds can also be developed to be accessible on tablet or smartphone devices.

Minimum Computer System Requirements for Visiting a Jibe World

  • The latest version of the Unity3d Plugin (will automatically install when trying to load a Jibe world).
  • Windows 2000 or later; Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • Any standard web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).
  • Any standard 3d graphics card made in this millennium.
  • A download speed of at least 1Mbps and a ping time of no more than 100ms (test your connection).
  • If you have problems connecting to a Jibe world (e.g., it hangs on “connecting to server”), make sure your computer or network firewall is not blocking the following network ports.
  • For more details, see System Requirements for Unity-Authored Content.