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The Jibe Platform

Jibe is a multiuser 3d simulation and virtual world platform created by ReactionGrid. With Jibe you create, publish and manage your own fully customized virtual world which can be embedded in any web page or accessed from mobile devices. Your Jibe world can either be hosted by ReactionGrid or fully installed on your own servers.

The Jibe platform is an extensible architecture that uses a middleware abstraction layer to communicate with a user database, multiple backend systems (currently SmartFox) and frontends (currently Unity3D). Current deployments of Jibe worlds utilize the Unity3D web plugin, including an Android version and iOS support under development.

Jibe lets you use the industry standard Unity3D Editor to design your 3D world, giving you access to an industry standard development environment with professional quality graphics, physics and sound. You can create 3d assets within the Editor or import assets created with any industry standard 3d modeling program (Maya, Blender, Lightwave, Google Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, Autodesk, & more). The Unity3D Editor also supports scripting in C#, Javascript and Boo, allowing you to design highly interactive environments and objects.

One reason why Jibe is such a powerful 3d simulation and virtual world platform is because the majority of the source code of Jibe is viewable and modifiable by our customers. This gives developers using Jibe the ability to fully customize their projects. For more details, please see our Jibe License.

Additional features of Jibe include:

  • Customizable 3D Avatars
  • Private/Public Text Chat
  • Support for High User Concurrency
  • Vivox Voice Integration
  • Hooks for Augmented Reality Apps
  • Support for SCADA and Robotics
  • LMS/CMS/Facebook Integration
  • Detailed Logging and User Tracking

For details on Jibe's newest features, please see our Jibe 2.0 Press Release.

ReactionGrid's Production Services

Need help with content development? ReactionGrid has extensive in-house expertise in developing successful virtual world environments for educational, business and healthcare purposes, lead by a senior management team that has decades of experience in successful project management. With the leadership skills needed to help guide clients in defining and achieving their goals, the entire team deeply understands effective game based learning, instructional design, backend database integration, artistic design and 3D content development.

For more information on how to request a quote for ReactionGrid's production services, please visit the Shop.

Visit a Jibe World Now!

ReactionGrid's Expo World

Expo World was designed and created by ReactionGrid and is available for purchase in the Shop. Suitable for large groups and conference meetings, this space can be easily incorporated into your own Jibe world and modified to your exact specifications.

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ReactionGrid's Milspec World

Milspec World was designed and created by ReactionGrid and is available for purchase in the Shop. An example of a customized environment for field training exercises, this space can be easily incorporated into your own Jibe world and modified to your exact specifications.

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Virtual Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University

Designed and created by IDIA Lab, the Virtual Broad Art Museum (VBAM) uses Jibe to let visitors experience a simulation of the physical-world museum designed by Zaha Hadid within a landscape of site-specific virtual installations. Current installations engage the viewer through several modes of interaction – including data driven processes, social media and human interaction.

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Rutgers Center for Online and Hybrid Learning

The Rutgers Center for Online and Hybrid Learning works with students using Jibe and the latest in game technology to create their own learning environments. Using virtual worlds, students from around the globe can participate in synchronous online activities. The Center also holds weekly office hours in their Jibe-based virtual office.

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Pathfinder's Place

John Lester is ReactionGrid's Chief Learning Officer, and he maintains a virtual world that highlights many of the features of the Jibe platform. Explore animated mesh models, immersive sound design and interactive objects. John also holds weekly Office Hours that are open to all visitors.

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Virtual Technology & Design at University of Idaho

Virtual Worlds are a key component of the University of Idaho's Virtual Technology and Design (VTD) program. In the College of Art and Architecture, VTD students use the Jibe platform to create simulations and explore how the language of architectural design translates into the virtual realm.

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