Installing Virtual BanBury VPC2007 Edition:

1-Download the standard VPC2007 here . To see if your system is 32 or 64 Bit right click over “My Computer” or “Computer” on Start Menu or Desktop & go to “Properties”.

2-Install the application normally with default settings.

3-Launch the VPC2007 Console from the Start Menu & click “New”.

4-Choose “Add an existing virtual machine” as we have sent you a link to the file with OpenSim installed.

5-Select the virtual machine file from where you downloaded it to your local machine.

6-Select “Next” after finding your file.

7-Finish installation & launch virtual machine console.

8-You should see a popup windows with details on the selected virtual machine plus a small console window.

9-Highlight “RAM” & ensure a minimum of 1GB (1024) of RAM or greater (2GB or 2048 preferred) is allocated & click “OK” on the details screen leaving only the console below:

10-Click “Start” after highlighting the virtual machine you just loaded on the console below & boot your machine ready to start OpenSim.