• ReactionGrid Client Configurator Help

    The ReactionGrid Client Configurator is a Windows application used to configure your system to connect to ReactionGrid. Depending on the type of clients installed on your system, this tool does the following:

    1. For selected single-grid clients, like the Second Life, Second Life Release Candidate, and Snowglobe clients, a modified shortcut is created on your desktop enabling you to double-click to launch the client and have it pre-configured to connect to ReactionGrid on login.
    2. For selected multiple-grid clients, like the Hippo or Meerkat client, the configurator will add ReactionGrid to the list of grids (if it is not already in the list), and set it to be the default grid (if it is not already set to be the default).
    Running the Configurator
    Run the configurator here: ReactionGrid Client Configurator
    The application should launch if you click the Run button, but if you encounter any difficulties, the standalone exe is included in a zip file for download here.
    You will see the following screen:
    You are presented with the option of configuring one or many of your clients with a single click – this will save you from having to manually create a shortcut or from configuring your client by hand. Choose your preferred client, and the results of clicking the Configure button will be shown.
    If all goes to plan, you can then log in to ReactionGrid with ease using your preferred client.
    What does this tool actually do?
    The configurator does a few simple tests on your system to look for installed applications – the current list of supported clients includes the Hippo, Meerkat, SecondLife, SecondLife Release Candidate, and Snowglobe viewers. If none of those clients are installed you are prompted to download the Hippo client – the recommended viewer for ReactionGrid. In addition, if you don’t have Hippo installed, but have SecondLife client, for example, you are presented with the option of installing Hippo, though it is not mandatory.
    For the Hippo and Meerkat viewers, the configurator will then test for your local settings and configuration files for the entry for ReactionGrid in the list of grids, and to set it as the default grid. If you have never run one of these clients before, the Configurator will quietly launch the application for you very briefly and then quit the application shortly afterwards – hopefully running it for long enough to create the initial configuration files. Once those files are there, the ReactionGrid settings are added so that next time you launch those clients you can log straight in to ReactionGrid.
    No other changes are made to your system, no registry tweaks, etc. If you are at all concerned about running this tool, contact Chris Hart via the details here. In addition, this code can be modified for your own OpenSim grid – if you are interested in a custom configurator please drop us a line.