There is much to cover but essentially we want to start with 4 core concepts:

1What you build is yours 100% as you alone own the Intellectual Property rights. If you are the creator you can sell, export or delete your items at will.

2Act as is if you would in normal public places. This is a PG or PG 13 rated grid depending on the simulator owner. Foul language, racist terms, angry speech, flames and other negative vibes are not welcome here. Neither is any pornographic material whatsoever. The beauty of OpenSim is you can setup your own grid if these rules are not for you.

3Your project must fit within our concepts. We want free movement on our grid. No banlines unless your grid is far “offshore”. No rotating for sale signs as we officially only allow full sim sales. You must be more focused on a beautiful display of your work than cramming a sim full of items. You can talk with us in world to see if your project is a fit for our grid or if maybe starting your own world is a better fit.

4Children are allowed with parents only. This goes for anyone under 13. Users in their teens are allowed on their own.

This TOS is incomplete and will be modified over time. Help us build a positive, free flowing experience. See you in 3D!


  1. Please contact us using our Connect page or in world to schedule Second Inventory transfers.
  2. When you do use any program to transfer assets make sure you are the original creator or you have specific rights granted for items bought or taken free to use in any OpenSim grid. We will enforce proven copyright claims by removing inventory as well as protect our users copyrights with equal energy & time.
  3. Due to the existance of several malicious tools, it is entirely possible to crack permissions on content on Second Life, or any other grid. Full permissions items on SL may not mean the original creator has granted consent to take an item from one grid to another – if in doubt, make all reasonable efforts to obtain permission prior to upload.
  4. We understand Second Inventory is a useful tool & we are not outright banning it just asking for our gridizens to help us balance this unique and heavy load OpenSim must facilitate by contacting us to schedule uploads.