React to the world around you! 

ReactionGrid is a virtual world specifically designed for educational and business users. This virtual world is a three-dimensional environment that users can join, interact with, and explore using an avatar; a virtual character under their control. It is somewhat analogous to a 3D video game in structure, but that is where the similarities end.

This 3D world is instead designed and constructed by a mix of normal users and high-end 3D developers and coders. While most of these grids are designed for use as a social networking environment, ReactionGrid is a collaborative environment for business professionals and students to further their knowledge and interact with their peers.

Take, for example, a company that holds regular sales meetings with representatives from around the world. In many cases, that company will periodically fly those sales representatives from around the world to a central location for education on the company’s latest product line.

Typically, a PowerPoint show is created for this event and the sales representatives are called together in a conference room to view the presentation. While this is an effective way to collaborate with disparate staff it is far from ideal.

Some of the drawbacks are:
-Sales staff are only allowed a few meetings like this each year
-The company hosting the presentation must pay a great deal of money for travel, lodging and food
-There is little time for individual consultation on a per-person basis
-Many sales representatives cannot leave their jobs to attend the meetings due to obligations

While there will never be a replacement for one-on-one personal interaction, a virtual world can fill in the gaps by allowing people to host a PowerPoint show in the 3D space. Using voice, text chat and slidesa typical presentation can be translated to the 3D space very easily.

Now consider a company that produces parts designed in 3D CAD, or Computer Aided Design programs – they can display and visualize those models in a virtual world, enabling colleagues, clients, and potential customers to walk or fly through their designs on a grand scale.

Move on from the CAD stage, and consider working on a prototype of a design. Using ReactionGridengineers from all over the world can collaboratively work on a component without leaving their offices. Evenlanguage barriers can be overcome using translation tools and gestures.

If your company or educational institute are interested in economical collaboration and education then we ask you to contact G2 and discuss your particular ideas. We feel this very “green” technology is a serious agent of change, and that now is the time to consider how you can use it to accomplish your business and or educational goals.

Whether as your primary way to “touch” your users or as a way to fill in the gaps, virtual worlds are becoming a tool everyone should consider, and G2 can get you moving forward with this incredible new technology.