Microsoft Project & Virtual World Development:

ReactionGrid is taking virtual world project planning to the next level.  When you start a project with us or order equipment to be assembled, tested and delivered we will collaborate with you using Microsoft Project.  Project allows us to assign tasks, set milestones and track dependencies with your team collaboratively in a web based portal.

Most projects fail or succeed based on the initial planning and follow up which is where a tool like Project really shines.  Regular reporting and collaboration is essential to keep lines of communications open with our clients to assure timelines, milestones and deliverables are met ontime or proper adjustments are made should a “risk” occur on either side which might cause delays.

Knowing the plan and adjusting accordingly is made much easier with Project & future integration with OpenSim combined with other tools inworld such as ESRI GIS provides our team and yours with great communications and visualizations keeping the project on track and client happy knowing what is going on at all times.

Using Project’s RSS feeds it will soon be possible to monitor key aspects of the project tracking data inworld using OpenSim for collaborative meetings that give even global clients the next best feeling of sitting with our team and discussing the projects.

From software integration to BanBury assembly, testing and shipping Project is a great way to plan and implement your virtual world ideas and get the feeling you are closely in tune with your development as our teams moves it forward with yours.