The HyperV Platform
applied to Virtual World Hosting click here for image :

  1. Host multiple platforms like OpenSim, VastPark, Unreal Tournament 2 and more in individial HyperV machines on one hardware server.
  2. Complete isolation from each HyperV machine to each other and the host operating system.
  3. Host operating system remains clean and dedicated to operational uptime of all HyperV’s.
  4. Allows the ability to upgrade within hours to more powerful hardware and then back to normal levels.
  5. Allows for snapshots of entire machines for backup and templating soon even grid design reselling to other HyperV clients.
  6. Design publically-deploy locally to secure LAN HyperV capable machines.
  7. Adjust RAM, CPU and other settings as to how they are allocated to each of your HyperV machines on the fly.
  8. Manage all your HyperV machines under 1 login.
  9. Build a library of HyperV grid configurations and toggle between them during various hours to maximize server ROI.

A HyperV Virtual Machine (click here for image) is like any other PC running Windows effectively. It is actually a virtual operating system running within a “hardware” operating system yet completely independent.

With HyperV you typically have a single login which allows you to manage your OpenSim servers and more. Since you have access to the full server you can also install other virtual worlds and applications in separate HyperV machines. In the image below we are logged into our main “hardware” server but are able to see our “sub-servers” in a list to manage.

In the case below we have some sims connected to our ReactionGrid world and we have a separate full grid running on the same machine but 100% isolated in its own virtual machine. A problem on one never effects the other.

In the image below we see some settings for starting, pausing, stopping and taking “snapshot” images of your HyperV machines. Virtual Machines can actually be paused in a current state and then restarted at any point.

They can also be copied for use on other Virtual Machines behind LANs or on more powerful or localized servers depending on your needs.

In short HyperV provides:

  1. Isolation between worlds and applications so a crash on one does not crash the other.
  2. Easy maintenance with single or lowered number of logins.
  3. Flexibility to deploy a grid design to any machine anywhere in the world running HyperV including LAN/Firewalls.
  4. The ability to have many varied types of virtual worlds and applications running together.

The HyperV Possibilities:

  1. Grid reseller. Host 2 HyperV machines for you and lease out another. Complete isolation tools make this safe.
  2. On demand style grid leases. Lease a very powerful grid just for the time you need it.
  3. Upgrade your grid to far faster hardware or even send a copy overseas to a HyperV machine for local hosting of localized events.
  4. Fail over options in many various way to allow for the best possible uptime assurances.
  5. Allows for grid rentals and providing a library of prebuilt grid templates and platforms to choose from.
  6. Take your grid on the road with you (Datacenter 2008 required for hosting) and work while offline or even use it while disconnected from the internet locally. When back online you can upload the latest version or discard it.