ReactionGrid is an approved ESRI Developer Network company.  This means we will have access to the full line of developer products from this top of the line GIS application.  Our plan is to begin immediate integration with ESRI’s latest REST/RSS enabled system for plotting data on maps in a virtual world setting.

Imagine if you are a city planner, construction firm or public works manager, to name a few, and you not only want to have access to ESRI 2D data but also merge and display things like population data, equipment & facility locations, maintenance sites and more in a virtual world setting that you and your clients can login to for collaboration in real time together.

Combine that with data drawn from RSS weather data, telemetry data, surveys and more in a 3D setting and you have just taken plotting and planning GIS data to a whole new interactive level.

ReactionGrid’s founders have implemented custom ESRI solutions in the past and now look forward to working with you on this new pioneering development phase of integration with OpenSim.

If your company or government institution is looking for a way to make your GIS application interactive & integrated with other data sources in a 3D world you can walk or fly through with your customers & end users contact us today to get started.