ReactionGrid Exclusively on Cari.Net:

We simply don’t think much about our servers!
ReactionGrid is powered by a mix of dozens of Xeon Hardware Servers & Virtualized Hyper-V Machines.  With thousands of users and hundreds of Simulators & dozens of Grids we stress every aspect of computers and bandwidth.

I don’t spend really anytime thinking about our servers at all.  I just know they are reliable & uptime is as good as possible.  This is because they simply run “virtually” flawlessly.  If there is an issue, the Cari team immediately fixes it, calls to make sure we’re happy and problem resolved.

In 14 years of hosting we have had about 5 Datacenter hosts.  We have the last host we’ll ever need now. Not only is Cari the only Intel Premium Partner for Datacenters but they are also innovators with their SPOD system.  With clients like Microsoft in addition to our smaller business clients & dozens of K-12 Schools it is imperative we have a reliable host & Cari delivers everyday.

Whatever your needs, hosting, virtual worlds, cloud computing, look to Cari.Net first. Shawn our account manager is a joy to work with as is the technical team.  Nobody beats Cari!