Console Commands

  • alert

    alert [First] [Last] [Message]

    Send an alert to a user. Case sensitive.

  • alert general

    alert general [Message]

    Send an alert to all users.

  • backup


    Trigger a simulator backup.

  • change-region

    change-region [region name]

    Subsequent commands apply only to the specified region.

  • change-region root

    change-region root

    Exits the region and returns to ‘root.

  • clear-assets


    Forcibly clears asset cache, probably leaving sim unstable. Use with caution.

  • create user

    create user [first] [last] [passw] [RegionX] [RegionY]

    Creates a new user and password.

  • create-region

    create-region [name] [filename]

    Creates a new region.

  • help


    Brings up a help screen of commands.

  • load-oar

    load-oar [filename.oar.tar.gz]

    Load an OpenSimulator archive. This entirely replaces the current region. Default filename is scene_oar.tar.gz. See OpenSim Archives for more details.

  • load-xml2

    load-xml2 [filename.xml]

    Optional parameters not supported for XML2 format as of 1-Jul-2008.

  • save-xml2

    save-xml2 [filename.xml]

    Save prims to XML (Format 2 – rearrangement of some nodes, to make loading/saving easier).