Maintenance Schedule:

09:00 UTC  / 05:00 EDT / 02:00 PDT
Daily Grid Maintenance

This may involve some sim reboots and on some occasions core grid services will also be restarted. Note-These operations may take up to 30 minutes to complete on certain days, during which time you may be unable to log in.

07:00 UTC / 03:00 EDT / 00:00 PDT
Database Backups

Daily database backups are an essential part of our routine. During this time you can continue as normal, but you may notice that asset requests and logins are a little more slow than usual.

Additional Backups / Restarts:

We will sometimes perform a restart of some core servers prior toa major event on the grid to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. This is purely because OpenSim is still Alpha code, and needs all the TLC we can give it to ensure your virtual world is happy. for emergencies….