So what is an RPOD? Simply put it is a more efficient way to host servers in a datacenter. For virtual world hosting it is especially compelling.  Consider that with traditionally hosted servers each individual server has to communicate over the public web with each other.

When an avatar flies between machines they have to do so by routing through the world wide web’s connection of public servers. This also counts against your monthly bandwidth in addition to slowing you down if the next machine is in the same datacenter.

With RPOD this never happens. Machines talk to each other on the same dedicated switch within the same VLAN for such avatar hops.  Speed is greatly increased and no bandwidth charges to your account!

Another key point is security. As stated this is a private VLAN on a dedicated switch in Class C of IP space.  Your company or education institution can VPN to this system for the utmost in Cloud based delivery of a virtual world.

Finally the pricing is amazing for this many fully managed servers. You take care of nothing about the hardware. We monitor for faults in our virtual datacenter and fix most problems before the customer detects them.  If you need a monster hardware package to get your virtual world off the ground and don’t want to worry about maintenance RPOD is for you.

Use your Virtual World don’t have to work on it with RPOD! Click here to email us about this plan.