ReactionGrid is on a mission to bring affordable virtual worlds to business and education via our Project Manhattan efforts. We teach free classes on installing your own world or we offer economical hosting on our grid or on private grids. We have 4 different groups of teens using our grid each week already with many more asking for space.

We are calling out for sponsors for some teachers waiting in line to get space on our grid. We would like to offer a plan where we add your companies link or personal website to this page if you agree to sponsor a 6 simulator, $75 US monthly Hyper-V grid for 1 year. We ask you pay up front for the year so we can assure teachers of a good long time before needing a new sponsor should you not be able to continue. We will waive the setup fee for anyone wishing to do this.

To sponsor a grid contact Kyle at .

Below are some examples of how ReactionGrid caters to educational users. Some users have their own grids but visit ours, others have had sponsors setup sims for kids and teachers to use on our grid and others have a grid with us they can connect to ReactionGrid at any time they like for visits:

Educators on ReactionGrid

  • Rich White, who has worked with The Greenbush Project for 11 years, first in an assessment project, then as a software developer, now a virtual world developer, was one of the first inspirations for building ReactionGrid.  When we saw his YouTube videos we knew we had peers using OpenSim to do more than shopping! Rich recently escorted his kids onto our grid to show them what possibilities there are for building and scripting. We are very proud Rich had confidence in us to help him protect the kids while touring.
  • Dick Dillon or Coughran Mayo in Second Life & Dick Dillon on our grid is a dedicated counselor and virtual worlds advocate. Dick has a private grid for counseling teens & a second grid in the works. Dick will soon be “HyperGridded” to ReactionGrid which means he can allow his users to visit our grid at anytime. Dick can usually be found somewhere helping or building a Non-Profit effort. Dick recently was awarded a US $300,000 grant to counsel teens using OpenSim on our platform. Dick was the very first grid client we had and we are proud to have kept him happy for many months.
  • Vicki Davis is currently teaching and traveling the world finding new educational experiences. This now includes the virtual world where her class regularly visits ReactionGrid. Each week this amazing teachers equally amazing kids come in many times to build, script and generally have fun learning. We feed off of the kids and Vicki’s praise and builds and invite you to keep track of her here on her blog.
  • This new teacher from Ireland is experimenting with students in areas such as science, history and more on his sim Gaelscoil.
  • Teacher Laura Jacob has multiple sims on the grid for recreating McGuffy High School virtually. She and her students are currently being trained by the RG staff to build and script.
  • Trevor is a former educator who has been the inspiration on ReactionGrid for helping to get teachers space to explore their own ideas. We thank Trevor for showing us how to support teachers.

Educational Sponsors

  • Trevor Meister is a former K-12 Educator turned Virtual World and social media explorer. Most recently exploring and building in SL (TM). Currently setting up Wonderland, Croquet and OpenSim. Trevor has sponsored a 6 sim grid for kids to use and boy have they used it! Weekly classes from 2 schools happen on ReactionGrid on his sims with more trying it out each week. Thank you Trevor for leading the charge for kids to learn and interact on ReactionGrid!