1939 World’s Fair

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G2 is sponsoring and building a project to recreate the 1939 World’s Fair. We are always looking for volunteers from a historical perspective and also builders and scripting help. Pop in RG and see “Trivia” on the “39FairHQ” for details.

ReactionGrid & The World’s Fair:

ReactionGrid is a virtual world, a 3 Dimensional computer based medium, that caters to Educational, Business & Artistic events & exhibits that fall within what could be considered PG-PG13 ratings. We have founded this digital world on some of the core concepts of the World’s Fair and in particular the 1939 World’s Fair.

What we want our “Gridizens“, or virtual citizens, to do is to focus on sharing knowledge and collaborating with peers & friends. The idea of the World’s Fair was to show what is here now and what is likely coming for the future & to inspire a new generation to pursue these and inspire their own concepts.

As such we are re-creating the 1939 World’s Fair on ReactionGrid a piece at a time so the concepts founded there live on in an interactive medium. We hope the fans and even the companies & governments who were involved eventually contribute to this project to restore the world’s greatest collaborative event to its original glory in 3D on ReactionGrid. We’d love to see you all in 3D!