Logging into OpenSim

Grid Configurator

The fastest and simplest way to connect to ReactionGrid, try our new Grid Configurator – head Here to find out more!

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Mac Launcher

Mac users – in order to experience streaming media (movies, music) on the grid, the only client we can recommend for now is the Second Life client (Hippo and other viewers seem unable to handle streaming media). To help with the experience of launching the SL client so that you can log in to ReactionGrid, you can now try this launcher script that you can download and run. You need to have already installed a Second Life client, full or release candidate. The launcher start your chosen SL client in the appropriate configuration so that you log in to ReactionGrid, leaving your SL client installation intact should you want to return to the Linden grid at any point. Here’s a demo of the Mac launcher in action.

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Hippo Client

You can download the Hippo client here http://forge.opensimulator.org/gf/project/opensim-viewer/frs/ which is a tuned version of the Second Life client for OpenSim on Windows & Linux.

For Mac click here for a direct download.

It features a grid “favorites” list so you do not need to have several desktop shortcuts as you do with the Second Life client.

HIPPO INSTRUCTIONS— (Thanks Wayfinder)

* Download and install the Hippo viewer
* Run the program
* On the splash screen, click the GRIDS button
* On the pop-up window, click the GRIDS tab
* At the top of the box, click ADD (we are adding Reaction Grid)
* For LOGIN URI enter: http://reactiongrid.com:8008/
* For PLATFORM choose: OpenSim
* Try: Get Grid Info if it doesn’t autofill fields:
* For GRID NICKNAME enter: reactiongrid
* For GRID NAME enter:  ReactionGrid
* Click Apply
* Click the DEFAULT button at the top of the box
* Click the OK button to close the dialog, and the ReactionGrid login page should appear.

You’re now ready to enter your user name and password.

See here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdpgxQKZkts for instructions on how to log in using Hippo. Make sure to choose “watch in high quality” for best viewing.

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Second Life Client

You can use the standard release Second Life client to connect to OpenSim by creating a new desktop shortcut and then right clicking over it and going to “Properties” then in the “Target” field at the very end (far right) of the text string add a space and:

-loginuri http://reactiongrid.com:8008 -loginpage http://gsquared.info/portal

For Linux & Mac users click here for help.