HyperGrid on ReactionGrid

HyperGrid is an OpenSim technology that enables people to visit other OpenSim grids without having to register a user account on that grid, and without logging off and relogging on another grid. You can simply teleport from one grid to another from any HyperGrid enabled region to any other HyperGrid enabled region (within some limitations, listed at the bottom of this article).

To HyperGrid from ReactionGrid, you head to the HyperGrid Core region on ReactionGrid (there is a sign on the main Welcome Sim area with a landmark). This is the only region on the grid where you can teleport to another grid. When you arrive, you will see some landmarks appear in chat (there’s a globe you can click to display them again at any time).

Clicking on a HyperGrid hyperlink will open a dialog, and you can click Teleport to start your journey to the target grid.

We recommend using a light avatar for HyperGrid teleports – one with less than 1000 items in inventory, and one without any sensitive content in their inventory. You can enter any valid HyperGrid uri by typing in your chat in the format “secondlife://<uri.and.port:here>/” and as long as you are on a HyperGrid-enabled region, you can click the link to teleport.

Note that if the target grid is based at coordinates greater than 4096×4096 grid squares away from the grid where you are starting from (for example, many regions on OS Grid are on coordinates in the range 10,000, whereas ReactionGrid is around the 1000’s) then you may get an error that the target region is too far away. This is a fundamental problem with the Linden Labs client code.

Also, if you are on significantly different server code versions your teleport in one direction or the other may also fail.

ReactionGrid cannot guarantee that a HyperGrid destination will be PG, so please exercise caution if you require a PG experience.