Plan A:
Plan A involves the reseller sharing in the setup fee pricing. There is no revenue sharing beyond the inital setup fee. We are working on a plan for this though (see below). You are 100% hands off on any support or other responsibility for the sim after the sale.

Single Simulator Plan-Sell a $25 monthly simulator & receive the $25 setup fee in USD via Paypal methods.

Virtual Machines & Hardware Servers (All Others)-Sell any other plan and receive 25% of the setup fee in USD in Paypal methods.

Plan B:
As ReactionGrid expands we will break our categories of sims off into HyperGridded or linked specialty grids. For example a K-12 Grid, Government Grid, Enterprise Grid, Art Grid, Multimedia Grid, SCADA Grid etc. Each will be run by reseller partners who are trusted virtual world industry leaders specializing in each category.

This will be Plan B and will entail setup fee and perpetual revenue from monthly hosting but will also require a greater level of participation in supporting the grid and Gridizens with our training and guidance. We will be announcing details of this plan and inviting select beta testers as our core grid expands.

To request inclusion or information on these plans email us at