• Atmosphere in-world

    Yesterday, I met Andrew Youngs at one of the Retro Movie nights held each saturday afternoon, who was eager to share and show his new invention “Atmosphere” that he created on ReactionGrid.

    Atmosphere is Andrews invention where he hopes to see it in wide spread use throughout ReactionGrid (RG).  He calls it his virtual worlds application platform that can host “any and all kinds of applications”.  He pitches that instead of running multiple objects running multiple scripts to instead then have only one object do it all.  “The beauty of Atmosphere is that you can assign applications to tabs, you notice along the top.  When one tab is active, the applications running on other tabs maintain an inactive state, so they don’t over-lap other scripts or cause unnecessary lag”

    Demo-ing Atmosphere, he had me click on a portion of Atmosphere that then brought up “inworld”, a list of weather maps that could be viewed showing current weather as of the the time stamp listed at the bottom of the image being updated as weather.com would become updated.   The next tab (tab 2), was a stock application.  Atmosphere: “Atmosphere 1.1.: Please say the ticker symbol of the stock you wish to research on channel 19.”  After he put in the ticker symbol for Google, the application then displayed a graph of the companies’ historical stock price information.  He calls his concept an application consolidation that should reduce lag here in OpenSim vs what we are familiar with in Second Life (SL).

    Andrew states that the application has the potential of doing pretty much whatever you like, but to avoid overlapping, he’s got notecards for developers with small codebytes to include …

  • A day at Gridizen’s Market

    A few days ago, word (via twitter) had started to get out that Reaction Grid now had a new market place, so I decided that it was time for me to go window shopping and check out the scene, after all, everything there was reported to be free!When I arrived, indeed there are about 12 shop front’s there, with availability for the community to set up space and show case and share their creations.  There’s also community space for sitting, chatting and socializing with friends in the very center of the market.  Also, nicely placed, is the waterfront area that surrounds the market.  You can take a soothing sail if you are so inclined.  The docked sailing vessels are single seaters and quite easy to maneuver in the water.  By the way, you can enter the shops from the water front if you happen to be traveling by boat where you can then dock and walk directly up to the store that you wish to visit. To make the sailing vessels move, just sit your avatar in them and use the arrow keys and move them in the direction that you wish to go.  StrawberryManhattan (Chris Hart) said that these same sailing vessels are placed at the Welcome Sim area and movement is accomplished via simple lsl script. Btw, she said there’s an airship at the Welcome sim for fun (I didn’t know that!).

    On the day I visited I met a couple of the shop owners there, Clydar Sittingbull and Arif Emor, as they were in their stores moving around pieces and setting up their items and setting permissions for the community to be able to grab selections at will.

    Clydar Sittingbull’s shop is called Dragoness Designs and has …